Drug Possession

Drug charges are a serious matter that can have lifelong repercussions in the event of a conviction. If you have been accused of possession, manufacture, or distribution of pot (marijuana), crack cocaine, or meth in the Boston area, contact experienced Franklin, Massachusetts, drug possession lawyer Frank Yee to schedule free case analysis.

In any criminal defense case, but especially in a drug-related criminal case, the question of the possibility of illegal search and seizure leading to arrest is a lawyer’s first order of business to investigate. A knowledgeable trial attorney such as Attorney Yee is a valuable advocate for first-time offenders of any age who face drug possession charges.

A veteran public defender, Mr. Yee is a zealous protector of clients’ constitutional rights, regardless of the type or quantity of drugs involved in a drug arrest. He is well qualified to defend people charged with prescription drug abuse, and to negotiate plea bargains resulting in lesser drug possession penalties for minors.

At Yee and Associates, we serve our clients with persistence, attention to detail, and aggressive advocacy as needed to represent their interests effectively. In every case, Yee and Associates is dedicated to providing creative and affordable legal solutions.

Contact Yee & Associates to schedule a confidential consultation as soon after a drug arrest as possible for the most favorable outcome.

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