Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile crimes fall into most of the same categories as adult crimes: assault, robbery, burglary, theft, drug possession, and sex offenses. Certain crimes are specific to underage defendants, such as underage drinking. Although the crimes are identical or similar, the criminal justice system for juveniles is separate, and different in many ways.  For example, regardless of whether your child has been charged with a crime that involves a classmate or their school, there is a VERY real possibility that your child will be suspended or expelled from school.  Similarly, certain offenses may results in your child’s license (or driver’s permit) to operate a motor vehicle being revoked even where the offense has nothing to do with a car.

Experienced Massachusetts juvenile defense attorney Frank Yee applies his extensive knowledge of the juvenile court system and the laws related to school suspensions and expulsions to zealously defend young people accused of violent crimes and property crimes. To schedule a confidential consultation, contact Yee & Associates today.

In many cases, a constitutional violation by law enforcement enables an astute juvenile crime defense lawyer to submit a motion to suppress evidence. “Case dismissed” is a successful outcome in a case where police performed an unlawful search and seizure.  “Case dismissed” also means that your child can return to school.  In other circumstances, such as in the case of charges of assault and battery stemming from fights at school, driving without a license, or underage drinking, passionate negotiations with the prosecutor results in a positive outcome of probation.

An experienced public defender, Attorney Yee is a zealous advocate on behalf of teenagers. As a father and coach of young people, he offers child defendants and their families the same effort that he would expect for a family member faced with criminal charges.

Attorney Yee represents minor clients with a simple goal: to obtain the most beneficial outcome possible in each case. Sometimes this means rescinding a school’s expulsion of a young person.  In other cases, it means keeping a teenager out of a juvenile detention center.  Mr. Yee’s experience enables him to negotiate plea agreements on behalf of many young people.

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