Employment Law

Employment Law – Employee

The lion’s share of our employment law practice at Yee & Associates in Franklin, Massachusetts, is devoted to defending the rights of employees who had their livelihoods unfairly taken away. To schedule a consultation with Massachusetts employment law attorney Frank Yee, contact us by phone or email.

Employment Law – Employer

Employers face a more daunting task than ever before in light of complex laws designed to ensure fair wages and hours practices and protect employees from discrimination, wrongful discharge, and sexual harassment.

Wrongful Termination

Although losing a job can be devastating and humiliating, it is not necessarily unlawful for employers to fire employees for the sake of the health of the business. However, when employees believe they have lost their jobs due to whistleblowing, harassment reporting, FMLA requests, or illegal discrimination based on race, gender, sex, or age, a case evaluation by an experienced employment law attorney may be the first step to correction of an injustice or resolution of a dispute.


The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s helped initiate the enactment of various federal and state laws prohibiting employers from making decisions based on factors other than the quality of an employees’ work or the livelihood of the business. Whether you are an employee who has suffered the effects of unlawful discrimination, or an employer in need of protection from allegations of discrimination, your first step to a resolution is to contact an experienced employment discrimination lawyer.

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