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The lion’s share of our employment law practice at Yee & Associates in Franklin, Massachusetts, is devoted to defending the rights of employees who had their livelihoods unfairly taken away. To schedule a consultation with Massachusetts employment law attorney Frank Yee, contact us by phone or email.

Losing a job due to discrimination is both humiliating and infuriating. Despite well-known laws against discrimination on the basis of race, religion, or national origin, employers do sometimes behave in unscrupulous and illegal ways with regard to the hiring and firing of employees.

Workplace discrimination occurs in many forms and is called by different names. Here are a few of the common instances we see:

  • Wrongful or retaliatory terminations As in the case of an employee who is coincidentally fired after revealing a dangerous safety violation to a regulatory agent or agency
  • Sexual Harassment involves requests for sex and other illegal actions such as fostering of a hostile environment at the workplace, and may happen to a person of either gender or any sexual orientation
  • Age Discrimination may occur when any person who is otherwise well-qualified for a position, is denied opportunity solely on the basis of their age

This is not an exhaustive list; other forms of unlawful discrimination can and do occur. Some may be let go because they happen to need costly medical care. Still others may be terminated in violation of the Family Medical Leave Act simply because they need to take care of a loved one.

In many of these cases, proof can be difficult to come by. Experienced in employment law, Attorney Yee provides the thorough, persistent, and aggressive representation required to pursue your claim and fight for your rights effectively.

Did your employer fail to adhere to anti-discrimination policies and grievance procedures spelled out in the employee handbook — the fundamental contract between employers and employees? To speak with a Franklin employment law & employee attorney about your individual concern, call Attorney Frank Yee today.

Whether you happen to be an employer or an employee, the experience and knowledge you will find at Yee & Associates, P.C. will be valuable to have at your side.

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