Personal Injury

Common personal injury cases include automobile and motorcycle accidents, dog bites or attacks, construction site injuries, pedestrian accidents, slip and fall accidents and wrongful death.  Regardless, you have just been injured and someone else is at fault for your injuries.  You may be lying in an emergency room in pain, wondering whether the pain will ever stop, when or if you can return to work and how will you pay your medical bills.

You may have just returned home after a stay in the hospital and your telephone is ringing constantly with calls from bill collectors and insurance companies. Your medical bills and missed days from work are mounting nearly as fast as your questions about your rights.   On top of it all, the memories of persons who may have witnessed you sustain your injury are fading and the scene of the accident is likely much different today than it was the day you were injured.  Call Yee & Associates for a free consultation about your rights before it’s too late.

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