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At Yee and Associates, we place a high priority on service to our clients. We treat clients as family, while providing the same quality legal counsel and representation that one might expect to find in a much larger law firm. Our clients appreciate the friendliness and accessibility of our small-town law office. Most legal matters are time sensitive and require immediate attention in order to preserve your rights.  Therefore, a timely meeting with a qualified and experienced attorney is critically important.  A failure to obtain prompt advice may cost you more than money; it may cost you your freedom. Contact Yee & Associates to speak to an attorney about your legal concern before it is too late.

Strategically Representing the Interests of the Individual Investor

Whether the investment is a penny stock or a blue chip stock, a junk bond or a treasury bill, a stock mutual fund or a bond mutual fund, a simple covered call or a complex option strategy, or a variable annuity or fixed annuity, we represent investors who question the suitability of the investments recommended to them. Attorney Yee also handles legal matters related to poor trade execution, margin sell-offs, online trading, stock transfers, and other securities issues.

Your Best Defense is Your Lawyer

At Yee & Associates, we understand that being charged with a crime does not mean you are a criminal so we defend each client with the same zealousness that we would expect of a lawyer representing a family member of ours.  We also understand that regardless of whether you are an adult or juvenile charged with a crime such as drug possession, operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol, improper storage of a firearm, illegal possession of a firearm or assault and battery, immediate involvement by an experienced criminal attorney is absolutely necessary to ensure you know your rights in the courtroom and how your arrest may impact you at work or school.

Know Your Child’s Rights at School

Understanding the rights of your child at school can be a frustrating and lonely experience for a parent.  At Yee & Associates, we can help by explaining to you whether a school suspension or expulsion is lawful and we fully understand that your child’s learning disability simply means your child has a unique learning style that may make them one of our country’s best and brightest learners.  Moreover, we understand that your child’s educational experience may be adversely impacted if they are removed from school for even a short time, if their learning disability goes undiagnosed or if their individualized education plan (IEP) or 504 Plan fails to appropriately address their unique situation.  More importantly, we know how to defend your child’s rights.  In short, a parent does not have to fight for their child’s rights alone.  So, before you attend one more “team” meeting, review one more neuropsychological evaluation or let one more valuable academic year slip by, contact Yee & Associates for a private consultation.

Know Your Employment Rights

We represent both employees and employers in a variety of employment matters, including employee handbooks, grievance procedures, discrimination, harassment, retaliatory discharge, and other forms of wrongful termination.

Bottom Line

We serve our clients with the persistence, attention to detail, and aggressive advocacy needed to represent their interests effectively. Whether a client is involved in a securities-related or employment dispute, facing criminal charges, or in need of help because they are having a dispute with a school, Yee and Associates is dedicated to providing creative and affordable legal solutions. Honesty, integrity, and experience are givens at the securities law, criminal defense, employment and school law firm of Yee & Associates. We welcome requests for initial consultations. Contact us by phone (508) 553-8811 or email. Call or email us to arrange a confidential consultation.

Evening, Weekend, and Early Morning Appointments Available.

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